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The Proposition Bank: An Annotated Corpus of Semantic Roles
The Proposition Bank project takes a practical approach to semantic representation, adding a layer of predicate-argument information, or semantic role labels, to the syntactic structures of the PennExpand
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From TreeBank to PropBank
This paper describes our approach to the development of a Proposition Bank, which involves the addition of semantic information to the Penn English Treebank. Our primary goal is the labeling ofExpand
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PropBank: the Next Level of TreeBank
There has long been a recognition that syntactic structure alone does not provide enough information for machine understanding of human language. Various efforts under the auspices of MUC [8] haveExpand
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What is known about the patient's experience of medical tourism? A scoping review
BackgroundMedical tourism is understood as travel abroad with the intention of obtaining non-emergency medical services. This practice is the subject of increasing interest, but little is known aboutExpand
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What is known about the effects of medical tourism in destination and departure countries? A scoping review
BackgroundMedical tourism involves patients intentionally leaving their home country to access non-emergency health care services abroad. Growth in the popularity of this practice has resulted in aExpand
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Adding predicate argument structure to the Penn TreeBank
This paper presents our basic approach to creating Proposition Bank, which involves adding a layer of semantic annotation to the Penn English TreeBank. Without attempting to confirm or disconfirm anyExpand
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The ‘patient's physician one-step removed’: the evolving roles of medical tourism facilitators
Background Medical tourism involves patients travelling internationally to receive medical services. This practice raises a range of ethical issues, including potential harms to the patient's homeExpand
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Jamaican tourism and the politics of enjoyment
Critical approaches to tourism, united by a refusal to conceptualize tourism as mere enjoyment, illustrate how Third World tourism typically involves labor exploitation, unequal gender relations,Expand
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What do we know about Canadian involvement in medical tourism? A scoping review
Background Medical tourism, the intentional pursuit of elective medical treatments in foreign countries, is a rapidly growing global industry. Canadians are among those crossing international bordersExpand
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Beyond sun, sand, and stitches: assigning responsibility for the harms of medical tourism.
Medical tourism (MT) can be conceptualized as the intentional pursuit of non-emergency surgical interventions by patients outside their nation of residence. Despite increasing popular interest in MT,Expand
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