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Collecting and organizing all of the architectural information for a system is a challenge faced by information technology (IT) architects. Transforming that information into models of a viable architecture and keeping associated work products consistent and up to date is an even greater challenge. Despite this, model-centric architectural methods are not(More)
Recently emerging non-invasive imaging modality-optical coherence tomography (OCT) – is becoming an increasingly important diagnostic tool in various medical applications. One of its main limitations is the presence of speckle noise which obscures small and low-intensity features. The use of multiresolution techniques has been recently reported by several(More)
Heifer rearing is one of the largest production expenses for dairy cattle operations, which is one reason milking operations outsource heifer rearing to custom developers. The cost of harvested feedstuffs is a major expense in heifer rearing. A possible way to lower feed costs is to graze dairy heifers, but little research exists on this topic in the(More)
Information extraction from large data repositories is critical to Information Management solutions. In addition to prerequisite corpus analysis, to determine domain-specific characteristics of text resources, developing, refining and evaluating analytics entails a complex and lengthy process, typically requiring more than just domain expertise. Modern(More)
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