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S. Abrams B. Bloom P. Keyser D. Kimelman E. Nelson W. Neuberger T. Roth I. Simmonds S. Tang J. Vlissides Collecting and organizing all of the architectural information for a system is a challenge faced by information technology (IT) architects. Transforming that information into models of a viable architecture and keeping associated work products consistent(More)
TOPIC Ethical concerns of nurses involved with electroconvulsive therapy. SOURCE The principles of autonomy and beneficence are explored in light of a client situation. PURPOSE To equip psychiatric nurses with the knowledge needed to make ethical decisions. CONCLUSION Greater emphasis must be placed on ethical principles that guide the practice of(More)
Previous scientific studies documenting the objective existence of a coming together of the onset of menstrual cycles between or among women do not discuss the subjective meaning of the experience of menstrual synchronization from the perspective of women studied. This article discusses a phenomenologic study, based on 13 taped interviews and 2 written(More)
Ideology plays a major role in developing theory, guiding education, and directing practice in nursing. This study investigated the opinions of community health nurse educators regarding specific elements of community health nursing ideology and its relationship to the educators' opinions about the appropriateness of existing theory for professional use.(More)
Information extraction from large data repositories is critical to Information Management solutions. In addition to prerequisite corpus analysis, to determine domain-specific characteristics of text resources, developing, refining and evaluating analytics entails a complex and lengthy process, typically requiring more than just domain expertise. Modern(More)
Technologic advances produce ethical quandaries for health care professionals and the public. Often difficult decisions must be made about treatment. In light of the 1990 U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in the case of Nancy Cruzan, health care decisions surrounding life-sustaining treatment may be affected. National attention is refocused on advance directives(More)
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