Paul Kenneth Wright

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This paper describes an algorithm for minimizing the non-productive time or 'airtime' for a tool by optimally connecting the toolpaths for that tool. This problem is formulated as a generalized traveling salesman problem with precedence constraints and is solved using a heuristic method. The performance of the heuristic algorithm and the amount of(More)
We present the architecture, implementation, and initial results from a live, continuous energy auditing system. By combining QR codes and mobile phones, we are able to iteratively collect building plug-load information and couple it with live, streaming meter data. The system consists of a deployment of inexpensive tags (QR codes) as well a(More)
In this paper we demonstrate a proof of concept that quickly linking and modifying parameters of a user based simulation driven by real device audit data is possible. Further, we demonstrate an ability to simulate basic functions and behavior of users and their appliances in an office building and have made a solid case for the continuation of this work(More)
The combination of technological advances in integrated circuitry, micro-electro-mechanical systems, communication, and energy storage has driven the development of low-cost, low-power sensor nodes. Networking many nodes through radio communication allows for data collection via multihop routing, but the practical limits on available resources and the lack(More)
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