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This document details an initial study into cognitive abilities that may be enhanced from playing computer games. Using a neuro-psychological assessment software package titled SynWin, participants were tested for their ability to function in a synthetic work environment. Scores were recorded and after playing computer games for specified lengths of time,(More)
We present a generic modular policy modelling framework and instantiate it with a substantial case study for model-based testing of some key security mechanisms of applications and services of the NPfIT. NPfIT, the National Programme for IT, is a very large-scale development project aiming to modernise the IT infrastructure of the NHS in England. Consisting(More)
We describe Glosser, a system that supports students in writing essays by 1) scaffolding their reflection with trigger questions, and 2) using text mining techniques to provide content clues that can help answer those questions. A comparison with other computer generated feedback and scorings systems is provided to explain the novelty of the approach. We(More)
There is a variety of applications that can bene®t from the ability to ®nd optimal or good solutions to a proposed problem, automatically. The arti®cial intelligent (AI) community has been actively involved in ef®cient problem-solving in complex domains such as military or spacecraft problems with successful results. In this paper, we describe the(More)
Transmembrane proteins affect vital cellular functions and pathogenesis, and are a focus of drug design. It is difficult to obtain diffraction quality crystals to study transmembrane protein structure. Computational tools for transmembrane protein topology prediction fill in the gap between the abundance of transmembrane proteins and the scarcity of known(More)
INTRODUCTION Indeterminate pulmonary nodules (IPNs) lack clinical or radiographic features of benign etiologies and often undergo invasive procedures unnecessarily, suggesting potential roles for diagnostic adjuncts using molecular biomarkers. The primary objective was to validate a multivariate classifier that identifies likely benign lung nodules by(More)