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Geographical scope: With the exception of India and Pakistan, the range of the Lesser Flamingo is fully included within the AEWA geographic scope. This action plan covers the entire African, South Asian and SW Asian Lesser Flamingo breeding and non-breeding range. It requires implementation in the following 12 countries regularly supporting >1% of the(More)
Data acquired from the hyperspectral airborne sensor DAIS-7915 over Antequera in southern Spain was processed to yield a quantitative soil swelling potential map based on three physicochemical soil properties currently used in engineering as measures of soil swelling namely cation exchange capacity (CEC), coefficient of linear extensibility (COLE), and(More)
Active citizen engagement remains a principle tenet of South African democracy that is rooted in the Constitution and supported by various laws. However, as the country's democracy continues to mature, citizen engagement has been reduced to tokenism in many aspects of local governance. An earnest quest by ordinary citizens to make their voices heard has(More)
A new era of rapid growth in technological innovation has dawned on us, characterized by increased sharing and communication of information globally using technology. To date, the world has moved into an era of advanced technological innovation that significantly affects all consumers of technology -- people, communities, governments and institutions. It is(More)
Soil activity is a term generally applied to the ability of a soil to take in and dispose water under changing moisture conditions. It is due to presence of clay minerals with a net negative charge to neutralise which, water is attracted to the mineral surface. The water molecules are incorporated in the clay structure in between the clay plates and with(More)
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