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Standard controls and best practice guidelines advance acceptance of data from research, preclinical and clinical laboratories by providing a means for evaluating data quality. The External RNA Controls Consortium (ERCC) is developing commonly agreed-upon and tested controls for use in expression assays, a true industry-wide standard control.
Diverse and complex microbial ecosystems are found in virtually every environment on earth, yet we know very little about their composition and ecology. Comprehensive identification and quantification of the constituents of these microbial communities--a 'census'--is an essential foundation for understanding their biology. To address this problem, we(More)
Synopsis: A key step in the analysis of expression microarray data is normalization: the process of adjusting the signal from 2 different reporter channels on a single microarray or a single-reporter channel on multiple microarrays to a common scale. Current methods involve either normalization to some representative statistic of all of the data or to a(More)
Walnuts are rich in polyphenols and have potential for cancer prevention and treatment. Our lab has previously shown that a walnut extract (WE) is able to block the cell cycle at the S and G2 phases of cell division with a corresponding decrease in the amount of the cyclin B1 protein and induce cell death in human breast cancer cells (Le et al., 2014). The(More)
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