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Over the last decade, the introduction of microarray technology has had a profound impact on gene expression research. The publication of studies with dissimilar or altogether contradictory results, obtained using different microarray platforms to analyze identical RNA samples, has raised concerns about the reliability of this technology. The MicroArray(More)
An analytic solution of the Förster energy transfer problem in two dimensions is presented for the case in which the orientation factor is independent of the donor-acceptor distance, and both the donors and acceptors are randomly distributed in a plane. A general solution based on the method of Förster is possible since all distances are measured in units(More)
Diverse and complex microbial ecosystems are found in virtually every environment on earth, yet we know very little about their composition and ecology. Comprehensive identification and quantification of the constituents of these microbial communities--a 'census'--is an essential foundation for understanding their biology. To address this problem, we(More)
Sequence analysis shows that an ice nucleation gene (inaW) from Pseudomonas fluorescens is related to the inaZ gene of Pseudomonas syringae. The two genes have diverged by many amino acid substitutions, and have effectively randomized the third bases of homologous codons. By reference to their potential for change, it is shown that certain conserved(More)
The protein product of a gene (inaZ) responsible for ice nucleation by Pseudomonas syringae S203 has been identified and purified after overexpression in Escherichia coli. The amino acid composition and the N-terminal sequence of the purified, denatured protein corresponded well with that predicted from the sequence of the inaZ gene. The product of inaZ was(More)
We have assessed the utility of RNA titration samples for evaluating microarray platform performance and the impact of different normalization methods on the results obtained. As part of the MicroArray Quality Control project, we investigated the performance of five commercial microarray platforms using two independent RNA samples and two titration mixtures(More)
Standard controls and best practice guidelines advance acceptance of data from research, preclinical and clinical laboratories by providing a means for evaluating data quality. The External RNA Controls Consortium (ERCC) is developing commonly agreed-upon and tested controls for use in expression assays, a true industry-wide standard control.
Antibodies were raised against the InaW protein, the product of the ice nucleation gene of Pseudomonas fluorescens MS1650, after protein isolation from an Escherichia coli clone. On Western blots (immunoblots), these antibodies recognized InaW protein and InaZ protein (the ice nucleation gene product of Pseudomonas syringae S203), produced by both E. coli(More)