Paul K. Houpt

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A method for the design of controllers of constrained manipulators in the presence of model uncertainties is developed. The controller must carry out fine maneuvers when the manipulator is not constrained, and compliant motion, with or without interaction-force measurement, when the manipulator is constrained. At the same time stability must be preserved if(More)
A methodology for analyzing and assessing the effectiveness of an internal combustion engine powered automotive system is developed. The analysis is carried out by characterizing separately both the system and the user's needs in terms of quantitative attributes of performance. These attributes are determined as functions of primitives (independent design(More)
There exist a number of mathematical procedures for designing discrete-time compensators. However, the digital implementation of these designs, with a microprocessor for example, has not received nearly as thorough an investigation. The finite-precision nature of the digital hardware makes it necessary to choose a computational structure that will perform(More)
Existing methods of estimating section (link) density on freeways from data provided by electronic presence (loop) detectors typically require extensive knowledge of uncertainties and/or strong assumptions on prevailing flow conditions, such as homogeneity. Consequently, these methods are known to produce poor estimates in inhomogeneous conditions, or when(More)
Researchers in digital signal processing have examined at length the effects of finite wordlength in the design of digital filters. The issues that have been considered apply to any digital system. In particular, the design of digital control systems must consider these issues. In this paper we will use, adapt, and extend the ideas developed in digital(More)
There are many techniques for designing discrete-time compensators. However, the digital implementation of such designs has not typically been addressed. The nature of digital hardware impacts the computational structure of the compensator and also can affect the original system design parameters. This paper deals with the architectural issues of serialism,(More)
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