Paul K. F. Leong

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The synthesis of 2-sulfanyl-1,2-dihydro-naphthalen-1-ols is described. This methodology is based on rhodium catalysis and enables various thiols to undergo an asymmetric SN2' ring opening of oxabenzonorbornadiene. Under the reaction conditions ([Rh(COD)Cl](2) (2.5 mol %), (S)-(R)-PPF-P(t)Bu(2) (6 mol %), AgOTf (7 mol %), NH(4)I (1.7 equiv), galvinoxyl (5(More)
Rediscoveries of species previously thought to be extinct present a dilemma to conservation biology. On one hand, such instances offer the chance to change the course of events away from one that would have led to extinctions. On the other hand, public support for conservation may wane if scientists are frequently seen to overstate and prematurely declare(More)
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