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Insect metamorphosis is a compelling example of postembryonic remodelling of neuronal structure and synaptic connectivity as larval and adult behaviours place distinct demands on the CNS. Holometabolous insects such as the moth Manduca sexta have long served as suitable models for the study of steroid effects on CNS remodelling, but activity and(More)
Extensive I solid state NMR investigations of metaperiodates with alkylor arylsubstituted cations of main group V indicated second order quadrupole effects with quadrupole coupling constants in the range of 2 to 7 MHz at room temperature [1,2]. The temperature dependence of the I quadrupole coupling constants showed normal behaviour with negative(More)
l27I solid state NM R studies o f metaperiodates with alkylor aryl-substituted cations o f main group V revealed second order quadrupole effects with quadrupole coupling constants in the range o f 2 7 MHz. In (C2H5)4PI0 4 and (C 2H5)4AsI04 the 127I quadrupole coupling constants show normal temperature coefficients 5 in the order o f — 10-4 K_1 for 186 K < T(More)
The 71G aN M R spectra o f G a[G aX4] melts and o f solutions in benzene and other hydro­ carbons show discrete sharp G a1 and broad G a111 resonances. In the light o f recent structure determinations, the solution G a1 signals must be attributed to bis(arene)Ga+ complexes in which the gallium atom is rj6-bonded to the hydrocarbons. The low line widths and(More)
Organolithium compounds are widely used as reagents in organic and organometallic synthesis. Since organolithium compounds usually form ag­ gregates in solution, their reactivity is drastically reduced. Therefore, donor reagents are added to the reaction mixture, which coordinate to the lithium atoms and thus break up the aggregates. The result is a(More)
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