Paul Jung-Ho Lee

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OBJECTIVES The 2009 outbreak of novel influenza A H1N1 reached a pandemic status on June 11, 2009. Early detection is a key factor for management and infection-control practices. Recent studies have suggested a difference in performance of rapid influenza kits for influenza A H1N1. Our goal was to evaluate the performance of the QuickVue influenza A+B test(More)
This review outlines the applications of liposomal formulations in ophthalmology. In ophthalmology, liposomes have been used to treat disorders of both the anterior and posterior segments. These include dry eyes, keratitis, corneal transplant rejection, uveitis, endophthalmitis, and proliferative vitreoretinopathy. Liposomes also have shown promise as(More)
  • Paul J Lee
  • The Pediatric infectious disease journal
  • 2008
Vaccines have been one of the most important health advances of the 20th century. As more children emigrate from and travel to underdeveloped countries where they can be exposed to unusual endemic pathogens beyond their previous immunologic experience, it is critical to protect them against these potentially life-threatening infections.
Recurrent genomic mutations in uterine and non-uterine leiomyosarcomas have not been well established. Using a next generation sequencing (NGS) panel of common cancer-associated genes, 25 leiomyosarcomas arising from multiple sites were examined to explore genetic alterations, including single nucleotide variants (SNV), small insertions/deletions (indels),(More)
Non-Hodgkin lymphomas may present with a recurrent pleural effusion, usually with involvement of other thoracic or extrathoracic sites. Lymphomas typically presenting with pleural disease include primary effusion lymphoma and pyothorax-associated lymphoma. We describe an unusual case of recurrent pleural effusion secondary to follicular lymphoma with no(More)