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OBJECTIVE Like medical and health sciences libraries throughout the country, the Lamar Soutter Library (LSL) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School is dealing with ever-increasing outreach needs in times of diminishing funding. With the goal of reshaping the library's outreach program to better serve our patron groups, the Outreach Study Group(More)
A BSTR ACU The primary concern of this paper is an examination of the utility of spectral techniques in detecting wave modes of the large-scale tropospheric circulation. Sample time-and space-spectra of meridional winds in middle latitudes are presented. A maximum in the spatial spectra of the transient waves at hemispheric wave numbers 5-7 is shown, in(More)
  • Tim Palmer, Leckebusch, +140 authors Silva Marques
  • 2008
We would like to invite the CLIVAR community to submit CLIVAR related papers to CLIVAR Exchanges for the next issue. The deadline for submission is 31st August 2008 Guidelines for the submission of papers for CLIVAR Exchanges can be found CLIVAR is an international research programme dealing with climate variability and predictability on timescales from(More)
This study addresses water quality conditions across several distinct hydrologic regimes in the Upper Taylor Slough (UTS) region of Everglades National Park and briefly considers implications for long-term water quality management. Due to upstream changes in water delivery and construction of a detention area, Taylor Slough has experienced a significant(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence-based approaches and early intervention have improved the long-term prognosis of individuals with schizophrenia. However, little is known about the therapeutic processes involved in individual therapy in first-episode psychosis. A comprehensive psychosocial/psychiatric programme for this population, NAVIGATE, includes an individual(More)
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