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A 3D-IC technology with integrated microchannel cooling is demonstrated in this paper. Fluidic interconnect network fabrication proceeds at the wafer-level, is compatible with CMOS processing and flip-chip assembly and requires four lithography steps. Measurements for single chips prior to 3D stacking reveal that each die in a two chip 3D stack may(More)
This study proposes a method of automatic detection of epileptic seizure event and onset using wavelet based features and certain statistical features without wavelet decomposition. Normal and epileptic EEG signals were classified using linear classifier. For seizure event detection, Bonn University EEG database has been used. Three types of EEG signals(More)
This paper reports on the design, implementation and characterization of wafer-level packaging technology for a wide range of microelectromechanical system (MEMS) devices. The encapsulation technique is based on thermal decomposition of a sacrificial polymer through a polymer overcoat to form a released thin-film organic membrane with scalable height on top(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to sincerely thank Prof. James Meindl for the guidance he has provided me during my graduate career. His ability to identify problems that create an impact, people skills, broad knowledge base and enthusiasm for learning new things are a few things I have greatly admired. It has been a tremendous experience to learn about(More)
Analysis of heart rate variation (HRV) has become a popular non-invasive tool for assessing the activities of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). HRV analysis is based on the concept that fast fluctuations may specifically reflect changes of sympathetic and vagal activity. It shows that the structure generating the signal is not simply linear, but also(More)
Electrocardiogram (ECG) signals are difficult to interpret, and clinicians must undertake a long training process to learn to diagnose diabetes from subtle abnormalities in these signals. To facilitate these diagnoses, we have developed a technique based on the heart rate variability signal obtained from ECG signals. This technique uses digital signal(More)
CO2 is used to enhance the environmentally benign and efficient recovery of phase transfer catalysts with aqueous extraction; this method can alter the distribution of phase transfer catalysts so dramatically that even in dilute organic solutions they can be separated selectively from an organic reaction mixture with only a small fraction of the water(More)
In this work, we have developed a coupled microfluidic enzyme reactor mass spectrometry platform for the detection of protein toxins such as anthrax lethal factor. The lethal toxin produced during Bacillus anthracis infection is a complex protective antigen, which localizes the toxin to the cell receptor and lethal factor (LF). We have demonstrated, in this(More)
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