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This thesis describes a proposal for the treatment of derivation as part of a lexical component for HPSG. The system is not based on a `syntax of words', but solely on a hierarchical structure of the lexicon. The approach is motivated by a detailed study of bar-adjectives in German. The analysis of data from corpora has shown that a word-syntax alone is not(More)
y ABSTRACT A description is an entity that can be interpreted as true or false of an object, and using feature structures as descriptions accrues several computational beneets. In this paper, I create an explicit interpretation of a typed feature structure used as a description, deene the notion of a satissable feature structure, and create a simple and(More)
We stimulated the cervical region with a 9-cm-diameter magnetic coil on centered on the spinous processes in 21 normal subjects. We obtained maximal amplitudes with clockwise coil current in right-sided upper extremity muscles and counterclockwise coil current in left-sided upper extremity muscles. Optimal stimulation sites for biceps, triceps, and abductor(More)
If they could be easily exfoliated, layered materials would become a diverse source of two-dimensional crystals whose properties would be useful in applications ranging from electronics to energy storage. We show that layered compounds such as MoS(2), WS(2), MoSe(2), MoTe(2), TaSe(2), NbSe(2), NiTe(2), BN, and Bi(2)Te(3) can be efficiently dispersed in(More)
Seminar f ur Sprachwissenschaft, Universitt at T ubingen y ABSTRACT In this paper, we argue that type inferenc-ing incorrectly implements appropriate-ness speciications for typed feature structures , promote a combination of type resolution and unnlling as a correct and ef-cient alternative, and consider the expressive limits of this alternative approach.(More)
sediment would solidify as intact rocks— there is no compelling reason to abandon alternative models for the interior of Eros, including that of a compacted fine-grained silt that experiences faults and fissures like any clod of dirt. A dirt-clod model for Eros and similar asteroids is defensible: It can explain why the spectral characteristics of the most(More)
1 If the linguistic diierences between the HPSGs of Pollard and Sag 1987 and Pollard and Sag 1994 are radical then the foundational diierences between them are nothing short of revolutionary. However, the parts of Pollard and Sag 1994 dealing with HPSG foundations were written at a time when this revolution was barely recognised as such, let alone well(More)
The SRL (speciate re-entrant logic) of King 1989] is a sound, complete and decidable logic designed speciically to support formalisms for the HPSG (head-driven phrase structure grammar) of Pollard and Sag 1994]. The SRL notion of modellability in a signature is particularly important for HPSG, and the present paper modiies an elegant method due to Blackburn(More)