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AIMS To provide 12-month prevalence and disability burden estimates of a broad range of mental and neurological disorders in the European Union (EU) and to compare these findings to previous estimates. Referring to our previous 2005 review, improved up-to-date data for the enlarged EU on a broader range of disorders than previously covered are needed for(More)
The relationship between sleep and headache has been known for over a century. Headache and sleeping problems are both some of the most commonly reported problems in clinical practice, and cause considerable social and family problems, as well as socio-economic impact and costs. There is a clear association between headache and sleep disturbances,(More)
The current guideline will focus on neurodegenerative disorders and stroke , with an emphasis on sleep breathing disorders in neurological disease, and is an update from a former review [1] in accordance to European Federation of Neurological Societies (EFNS) guidelines [2]. The review will cover three main areas: 1. tauopathies (Alzheimer ' s disease,(More)
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