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Epitaxial graphene films grown on silicon carbide (SiC) substrate by solid state graphitization is of great interest for electronic and optoelectronic applications. In this paper, we explore the properties of epitaxial graphene films on 3C-SiC(111)Si(111) substrate. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy were extensively used to(More)
IFREMER has developed a new seabed penetrometer which is able to carry out in situ geotechnical measurements in deep water with a depth of investigation of 30 metres below the sea bottom. After trials in testing pool and on land, the Penfeld penetrometer was tested twice in the Mediterranean Sea, 25 miles south of Nice on a site where cores were previously(More)
The automated monitoring of physico-chemical parameters in the coastal zone has been using large buoys and fixed infrastructures. A better understanding of many estuaries is needed in order to fulfil the agenda and requirements of the European Water Framework Directive. In order to address the fluxes of nutrients as well as algal blooms and low oxygen(More)
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