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Catechol-o-Methyltransferase, Cognition, and Psychosis: Val158Met and Beyond
Preliminary data indicating that catechol-o-methyltransferase is a promising therapeutic target for ameliorating the cognitive deficits associated with schizophrenia are outlined. Expand
The neuropathology of schizophrenia. A critical review of the data and their interpretation.
Functional imaging data indicate that the pathophysiology of schizophrenia reflects aberrant activity in, and integration of, the components of distributed circuits involving the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus and certain subcortical structures. Expand
Schizophrenia genes, gene expression, and neuropathology: on the matter of their convergence
Correction to: Molecular Psychiatry (2005) 10, 40–68. doi:10.1038/sj.mp.4001558 Following publication of the above paper, the author has identified an error on the sixth page. In the left-handExpand
Sizing and phenotyping of cellular vesicles using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
By combining NTA with fluorescence measurement it is demonstrated that vesicles can be labeled with specific antibody-conjugated quantum dots, allowing their phenotype to be determined, demonstrating that NTA is far more sensitive than conventional flow cytometry. Expand
The hippocampus in schizophrenia: a review of the neuropathological evidence and its pathophysiological implications
The results are together suggestive of an altered synaptic circuitry or “wiring” within the hippocampus and its extrinsic connections, especially with the prefrontal cortex, which plausibly represent the anatomical component of the aberrant functional connectivity that underlies schizophrenia. Expand
Eating disorders
Treatment of anorexia nervosa and atypical eating disorders has received remarkably little research attention and a specific form of cognitive behaviour therapy is the most effective treatment, although few patients seem to receive it in practice. Expand
Bidirectional associations between COVID-19 and psychiatric disorder: retrospective cohort studies of 62 354 COVID-19 cases in the USA
Survivors of COVID-19 appear to be at increased risk of psychiatric sequelae, and a psychiatric diagnosis might be an independent risk factor for COIDs, according to a preliminary study using data from 69 million patients. Expand
Long‐term behavioural, molecular and morphological effects of neonatal NMDA receptor antagonism
The data show that a transient and limited glutamatergic intervention during development can have chronic behavioural, structural and molecular effects, and are consistent with hypotheses advocating a role for NMDA receptor hypofunction, and aberrant apoptosis, in the neurodevelopmental pathogenesis of the disorder. Expand
Inter- and intra-individual variability in alpha peak frequency
It is concluded that alpha peak frequency in posterior regions increases with increasing cognitive demands, and that the alpha rhythm operates across a wider frequency range than the 8–12 Hz band many studies tend to include in their analysis. Expand
Guidelines for the laboratory investigation of heritable disorders of platelet function
The objective of this guideline is to provide healthcare professionals with clear guidance on platelet function testing in patients with suspected bleeding disorders and in all cases individual patient circumstances may dictate an alternative approach. Expand