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Culture and cognition
Recent work in cognitive psychology and social cognition bears heavily on concerns of sociologists of culture. Cognitive research confirms views of culture as fragmented; clarifies the roles ofExpand
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Social Implications of the Internet
The Internet is a critically important research site for sociologists testing theories of technology diffusion and media effects, particularly because it is a medium uniquely capable of integratingExpand
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From the 'Digital Divide' to 'Digital Inequality': Studying Internet Use as Penetration Increases
The authors of this paper contend that as Internet penetration increases, students of inequality of access to the new information technologies should shift their attention from the "digital divide" -Expand
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Exploiting affinities between topic modeling and the sociological perspective on culture: Application to newspaper coverage of U.S. government arts funding
Topic modeling provides a valuable method for identifying the linguistic contexts that surround social institutions or policy domains. This article uses Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) to analyzeExpand
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Network Effects and Social Inequality
Students of social inequality have noted the presence of mechanisms militating toward cumulative advantage and increasing inequality. Social scientists have established that individuals' choices areExpand
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Make Money Surfing the Web? The Impact of Internet Use on the Earnings of U.S. Workers
Much research on the “digital divide” presumes that adults who do not use the Internet are economically disadvantaged, yet little research has tested this premise. After discussing several mechanismsExpand
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Adapting computational text analysis to social science (and vice versa)
Social scientists and computer scientist are divided by small differences in perspective and not by any significant disciplinary divide. Expand
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Studies of Artists: An Annotated Directory
This annotated directory documents more than 80 different studies of artist populations. Expand
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How Network Externalities Can Exacerbate Intergroup Inequality1
The authors describe a common but largely unrecognized mechanism that produces and exacerbates intergroup inequality: the diffusion of valuable practices with positive network externalities throughExpand
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