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The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy
Regardless of whether or not Daniel Bell is an apologist for the Chinese Communist Party – a claim I have heard often, made behind not-so-closed doors around the world – he certainly owes academic ...
Incongruent Names: A Theme in the History of Chinese Philosophy
This essay is meant to shed light on a discourse that spans centuries and includes different voices. To be aware of such trans-textual resonances can add a level of historical understanding to theExpand
Authenticity in the Zhuangzi ? Contemporary Misreadings of Zhen 真and an Alternative to Existentialism
This essay reviews the Zhuangzian notion of zhen 真, often through the text’s advancement of the zhenren 真人 (“genuine person,” “true person”) or zhenzhi 真知 (“genuine knowledge,” “true knowledge”).Expand
Imagination in the Zhuangzi: the madman of Chu’s alternative to Confucian cultivation
ABSTRACT This paper examines the role of the imagination in the Zhuangzi. There are many avenues through which the various types of imaginations in the Zhuangzi could be investigated, but this paperExpand
Gender in Chinese Philosophy