Paul J. Seekings

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We introduce a method for encoding co-occurrence of features in the HMAX model of visual recognition, and conduct a series of experiments to investigate the contribution of co-occurrence towards better recognition performance. We show that classification accuracy is increased by adding a higher-order layer to the HMAX processing hierarchy, whereby(More)
The upper limit of frequency sensitivity for vibrotactile stimulation of the fingers and hand is commonly accepted as 1 kHz. However, during the course of our research to develop a full-hand vibrotactile musical communication device for the hearing-impaired, we repeatedly found evidence suggesting sensitivity to higher frequencies. Most of the studies on(More)
We develop and implement a new approach to utilizing color information for object and scene recognition that is inspired by the characteristics of color-and object-selective neurons in the high-level inferotemporal cortex of the primate visual system. In our hierarchical model, we introduce a new dictionary of features representing visual information as(More)
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