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The narrow genetic base of peach (Prunus persica L. Batsch) challenges efforts to accurately dissect the genetic architecture of complex traits. Standardized phenotypic assessment of pedigree-linked breeding germplasm and new molecular strategies and analytical approaches developed and conducted during the RosBREED project for enabling marker-assisted(More)
Blush, the proportion of red overcolor on the skin surface of fruit, is highly variable in peach breeding germplasm and is important in the marketing of peach fruit. The fresh market peach industry demands a high level of blush to entice consumers, while the processing peach industry requires minimal blush. Therefore, blush is a major selection criterion in(More)
Sweet cherry fruit color is a market class-defining trait. The two main market classes in the USA are mahogany, consisting fruit with red skin and flesh, and blush, consisting clear-fleshed fruit with yellow skin and a red overcolor on less than the entire skin surface. Fruit color is a major consideration in sweet cherry breeding as resources and selection(More)
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