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In steady-state simulation the output data of the transient phase often causes a bias in the estimation of the steady-state results. A common advice is to cut off this transient phase. Finding an appropriate truncation point is a well-known problem and is still not completely solved. In this paper we consider two algorithms for the determination of the(More)
Two simulation models have been built to quantify the advantages of an electronic medication ordering, dispensing and administration process compared with the current manual process at an acute care academic health sciences centre. The first model represents the current manual system , and has been validated against observed data. The second model(More)
Healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, are under financial pressure to control cost. One element that affects cost significantly is staff. We have developed a tool that integrates a simulation model and an integer linear program (ILP). The simulation model establishes the staffing requirements for each period, and the ILP produces an optimal calendar(More)
We present a concise representation of fractional factorials and an algorithm to quickly generate resolution V designs. The description is based on properties of a complete, orthogonal discrete-valued basis set called Walsh functions. We tabulate two-level resolution V fractional factorial designs, as well as central composite designs allowing estimation of(More)
The paper presents a simulation-optimization approach using genetic algorithm to the supplier selection problem. The problem consists in selecting a portfolio of suppliers from a set of pre-selected candidates. The supplier selection is a multi-criteria problem that includes both qualitative and quantitative criteria. In order to select the best suppliers(More)
• How many runs should you make? • How should you interpret and analyze the output? This tutorial introduces some of the ideas, issues, challenges , solutions, and opportunities in deciding how to experiment with simulation models to learn about their behavior. Careful planning, or designing, of simulation experiments is generally a great help, saving time(More)