Paul J. Nolan

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Lead-210 and radium-226 measurements by direct gamma assay can now provide a record of changing concentrations in lake sediments sufficiently reliable and precise to form a suitable basis for age/depth and dry-sedimentation-rate calculations. There are additional benefits in terms of non destructive sample preparation and simultaneous assay for other(More)
241Am derived from decay of fallout 241Pu is now frequently detected in analyses of lake sediments by low-background gamma assay, and offers an alternative to weapons test 137Cs in dating recent sediments at those sites where the 137Cs record has been degraded by post-depositional mobility or obliterated by Chernobyl fallout. Calculations of the in-growth(More)
This paper presents DE/IFT, a new fault diagnosis engine which is based on the authors’ IFT algorithm for induction of fault trees. It learns from an examples database comprising sensor recordings, all of which have been classified as corresponding to either the normal behaviour of the system or to one or more fault states. The fault trees generated by IFT(More)
Mineralocorticoid receptors in the inner medullary collecting duct (IMCD) are protected from glucocorticoid binding by an enzyme, 11 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 2 (11 beta-HSD2). To study the role of 11 beta-HSD2 in acid-base homeostasis, 11 beta-HSD2 activity was measured in rat IMCD-enriched cell suspensions. Homogenates of cell suspensions(More)
This paper presents comprehensive results describing the diagnosis of incipient faults based on fault trees derived using the IFT induction algorithm. The test system is a robot arm controlled by a pneumatic servo-mechanism. Detailed simulations using a nonlinear dynamic model were used to provide a training set of examples. The effectiveness of the(More)
This paper discusses the benefits of using Microsoft Windows to construct special purpose simulators. Microsoft Windows has several features which makes the development of special purpose simulators easier than ever before. The development of a special purpose simulator for the Irish Electricity Supply Board (ESB) is described. This simulator models the(More)
1S1 is a graphical user interface for general purpose simulation languages. Currently it provides an interface to the SIMAN language, although other languages such as SLAM and GPSS could also be used. 1S1 allows a hierarchical modeling approach which satisfies the often conflicting requirements of ease-of-use and functionality. By providing graphical model(More)
Supply continuity is a key factor in product quality in electricity utilities. Supply outages are inevitable but a key objective of management is that these be minimised in terms of frequency and duration. The problem of supply continuity is particularly acute in ruml areas which are supplied from radial tail fed lines. Improvements can be achieved by major(More)