Paul J. Minor

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Tubulin protomers undergo an extensive array of post-translational modifications to tailor microtubules to specific tasks. One such modification, the acetylation of lysine 40 of α-tubulin, located in the lumen of microtubules, is associated with stable, long-living microtubule structures. MEC-17 was recently identified as the acetyltransferase that mediates(More)
Genomic approaches have predicted hundreds of thousands of tissue-specific cis-regulatory sequences, but the determinants critical to their function and evolutionary history are mostly unknown. Here we systematically decode a set of brain enhancers active in the zona limitans intrathalamica (zli), a signaling center essential for vertebrate forebrain(More)
The interpretation of extracellular cues leading to the polarization of intracellular components and asymmetric cell divisions is a fundamental part of metazoan organogenesis. The Caenorhabditis elegans vulva, with its invariant cell lineage and interaction of multiple cell signaling pathways, provides an excellent model for the study of cell polarity(More)
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