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Summary: Sustained fetal hyperglycemia was produced in eight chronically catheterized fetal lambs (seven twins, one singleton) by means of direct fetal glucose infusion. In twin preparations, only one twin was infused, the noninfused twin serving as a simultaneous in utero control. Glucose infusions lasted 7.6 ± 118 days and resulted in significant fetal(More)
Summary: Acute glucagon injections were performed in chronically catfa-eterized fetal lambs in late gestation to assess the fetal metabolic response to exogenous glucagon infusion. Glucagon dosages between 1 ug/kg and 1 mg/kg induced significant fetal hyperglycemia by 15–30 min postinjection, with peak glucose values 130–180% of control. Increasing(More)
Beta-blocking agents are among the most frequently prescribed medications. To investigate the factors that influence their use we analysed the practices of 25 medical residents who provided longitudinal care in the out-patient clinics of a teaching hospital. A computer-based audit identified the 349 patients treated with one of four beta-blocking agents(More)
The modulation of fetal insulin secretion by prostaglandins was studied with the aid of the prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors indomethacin and sodium salicylate in 10 chronically catheterized fetal lambs. Glucose-induced fetal insulin secretion was inhibited within 60 minutes by preinjection of either indomethacin or sodium salicylate in the fetal lambs.(More)
Prolonged fetal hyperglycemia has previously been shown to cause metabolic acidosis but the mechanism involved is unclear. Chronic fetal glucose (G) infusions (mean: 8.3±2.6 d, range 3-17d) were performed in 5 fetal lambs. Infusions were varied to achieve plasma G of 2-3x basal concentration. In 4 of 5 preparations twins were used with the noninfused twin(More)
The ability of the human placenta to transport amino acids from the mother to fetus is well documented. Net synthesis of certain amino acids such as alanine (A) via transamination is known to occur in such tissues as muscle but it is unclear whether this capacity is shared by placental tissue. Five human placentas were obtained after elective caesarean(More)
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