Paul J. Lewi

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This article describes three multivariate projection methods and compares them for their ability to identify clusters of biological samples and genes using real-life data on gene expression levels of leukemia patients. It is shown that principal component analysis (PCA) has the disadvantage that the resulting principal factors are not very informative,(More)
There are several indications that a given compound or a set of related compounds can bind in different modes to a specific binding site of a protein. This is especially evident from X-ray crystallographic structures of ligand-protein complexes. The availability of multiple binding modes of a ligand in a binding site may present an advantage in drug design(More)
The authors describe 40 years of antipsychotic drug research with Dr. Paul Janssen, which they have witnessed for a large part from first hand experience. The article describes the start of the Janssen Research and its early successes with antispasmodics and analgesics. The discovery of haloperidol followed from a serendipitous transition from analgesics to(More)
OBJECTIVES In schizophrenia, stereotypy is observed, a symptom characterized by repetitive, functionless motor behaviour. Whereas cognitive dysfunctioning is known to remain stable throughout the illness, less is known about the course of the motor symptoms. The Zeigeversuch [Mittenecker, E., 1953. Perseveration und Persönlichkeit: 1. Teil: experimentelle(More)
In this paper, the application of Classification And Regression Trees (CART) is presented for the analysis of biological activity of Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NNRTIs). The data consist of the biological activities, expressed as pIC50, of 208 NNRTIs against wild-type HIV virus (HIV-1) and four mutant strains (181C, 103N, 100I, 188L)(More)
We have developed a computational approach in which an inhibitor's strength is determined from its interaction energy with a limited set of amino acid residues of the inhibited protein. We applied this method to HIV protease. The method uses a consensus structure built from X-ray crystallographic data. All inhibitors are docked into the consensus structure.(More)
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