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Following its benchmark discovery, nitric oxide (NO) is now known to play important functional roles in a variety of physiological systems. Within the vasculature, NO induces vasodilation, inhibits platelet aggregation, prevents neutrophil/platelet adhesion to endothelial cells, inhibits smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration, regulates programmed(More)
Metabolism of locally applied 17beta-estradiol (estradiol) to methoxyestradiols contributes to the growth inhibiting effects of estradiol on vascular smooth muscle cells via an estrogen receptor (ER)-independent mechanism. Because vascular smooth muscle cells are phenotypically similar to glomerular mesangial cells, it is feasible that estradiol inhibits(More)
NASA exploration initiatives encompass many disciplines within multiple organizations. Exchanging information without loss of meaning is a critical challenge. Differences in vocabularies are embedded in the variety of tools and systems used. This paper describes a large-scale project called NASA Exploration Initiative Ontology Models (NExIOM), which is(More)
The Digital Shuttle is a knowledge management project that seeks to define symbiotic relationships between 3D graphics and formal knowledge representations (ontologies). 3D graphics provides geometric and visual content, in 2D and 3D CAD forms, and the capability to display systems knowledge. Because the data is so heterogeneous, and the interrelated data(More)
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