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AIMS Patients who misuse alcohol may be at increased risk of surgical complications and poorer function following hip replacement. Identification and intervention may lead to harm reduction and improve the outcomes of surgery. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of biomarker elevation in patients undergoing hip replacement and to(More)
The influence of individual lipoproteins on the severity of coronary atherosclerosis was studied in 41 patients undergoing coronary angiography. The extent of athero-sclerosis was quantified by a coronary atherosclerosis score (CAS) based on the number and severity of lesions in eight proximal segments of the coronary circulation. The concentration of(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The micro-architecture of bone has been increasingly recognized as an important determinant of bone strength. Successful operative stabilization of fractures depends on bone strength. We evaluated the osseous micro-architecture and strength of the osteoporotic human femoral head. MATERIAL AND METHODS 6 femoral heads, obtained during(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the neck strength of school-aged rugby players, and to define the relationship with proxy physical measures with a view to predicting neck strength. METHODS Cross-sectional cohort study involving 382 rugby playing schoolchildren at three Scottish schools (all male, aged between 12 and 18 years). Outcome measures included maximal(More)
BACKGROUND Mallet finger injuries are usually successfully treated non-operatively with a splint. Most patients are reviewed at least twice in a clinic after the initial presentation in A&E. A new protocol promoting "self-care" was introduced at our institution. Patients were provided with structured verbal and written information, and given access to a(More)
Background: Early identification of atherosclerosis in older adults is paramount due to high cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Our aim was to investigate CAC in a population of adults 55 years without previous history of cardiovascular heart disease (CHD) and its association with cardiovascular risk factors. Methods: This was a retrospective analysis(More)
Using a simple mathematical formulation, the relationship between the position of the lag screw tip (relevant to both intramedullary and extramedullary devices) and the concept of tip-apex distance (TAD) was derived. TAD is widely used in operating theaters as a surgical guideline in relation to the fixation of trochanteric fractures, and in clinical(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Total elbow replacement (TER) is used in the treatment of inflammatory arthropathy, osteoarthritis, and posttraumatic arthrosis, or as the primary management for distal humeral fractures. We determined the annual incidence of TER over an 18-year period. We also examined the effect of surgeon volume on implant survivorship and the rate(More)
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