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In this paper we are interested in the approximation of continuous surface texture profiles defined only at discretely obtained points. A continuous representation is required in order to be able to apply filtration methods that assume uniform data spacing to practical data that in general is not uniformly spaced. By reconstructing surface profiles as(More)
We examine how the wavenumber influences the compression in a wavelet boundary element method for the Helmholtz equation. We show that for wavelets with high vanishing moments the number of nonzeros in the resulting compressed matrix is approximately proportional to the square of the wavenumber. When the wavenumber is fixed, the wavelet boundary element(More)
In this study, we conduct a spatial analysis of soil total phosphorus (TP), acid extractable phosphate (PO4) and the stable oxygen (O) isotope ratio within the PO4 molecule (δ18OPO4 ) from an intensively managed agricultural grassland site. Total P in the soil was found to range from 736 to 1952 mg P kg- 1, of which between 12 and 48% was extractable using(More)
The coastal shallow water zone can be a challenging and costly environment in which to acquire bathymetry and other oceanographic data using traditional survey methods. Much of the coastal shallow water zone worldwide remains unmapped using recent techniques and is, therefore, poorly understood. Optical satellite imagery is proving to be a useful tool in(More)
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