Paul J Hangartner

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We report about a forty year old female patient with severe bloody diarrhoea and fever over a period of 14 days due to an infection with Salmonella enteritidis. X-ray of the abdomen showed a toxic megacolon. With the diagnosis of an infectious colitis we started therapy with ciprofloxacin i/v. The toxic megacolon progressed despite intensive care and(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS According to the literature, undernutrition is prevalent in 20-60% of patients on hospital admission. The differences in the rate of undernutrition arise from different diagnostic tools used in the studies. We aimed to investigate the prevalence of undernutrition in Swiss hospitals using a standardized screening tool. METHODS All(More)
Abuse of analgesics (AA) is a well known cause of chronic interstitial nephritis. Recently a noxious effect of AA on the pancreas has been suggested based upon case observations, and first evidence for association of AA with chronic pancreatitis was presented. In the present prospective clinical study 95 patients with chronic renal insufficiency, in 53 of(More)
In a prospective randomized clinical trial, three colon cleansing methods for colonoscopy were compared with regard to a) side effects, b) patient acceptance, c) residual liquid and stool during colonoscopy, and d) quality of the examination. The patients were randomly assigned to one of the following three groups for colon preparation: Group 1 (n = 100) 4(More)
21 patients with periarteritis nodosa (PN) were examined for evidence of viral hepatitis-B infection. Histologic evidence of PN was present in 11 patients, whereas in 10 patients the diagnosis of PN was based on the clinical presentation only. In the sera of 9 of the 21 patients (42%) HBsAg (4 patients) or anti-HBs (5 patients) was detected, while findings(More)
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