Paul J. H. L. Peeters

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OBJECTIVE This study was set out to determine whether metformin use influences survival in breast cancer patients treated with antidiabetic drugs as compared to non-users. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We used data from the Danish national registries (1996-2008) to identify adult female patients diagnosed with breast cancer who were prescribed antidiabetic(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the risk of colorectal cancer associated with type 2 diabetes, as compared with a nondiabetic reference population, and to study additional associations between treatment stage and duration of obesity and colorectal cancer risk. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS We conducted an observational population-based cohort study within the Clinical(More)
The paper forms a rejoinder to the paper by David Weaver (‘Organic, incremental and induced paths to sustainable mass tourism convergence’). It fully agrees with David Weaver that a sustainable development of tourism should focus on sustainable mass tourism development and not, as is currently the case, so much on niche products labelled ‘sustainable’.(More)
This paper introduces and explores the psychological and social factors that both contribute to and inhibit behaviour change vis-à-vis sustainable (tourist) mobility. It is based on papers presented at the Freiburg 2012 workshop. Specifically, it reviews climate change attitudes and perceptions, the psychological benefits of tourism mobilities, addictive(More)
Deregulation of aviation has economic effects such as changes in prices and in frequencies of flights. In addition, there may be effects on the number of hubs operated by the main carriers. In the present paper we focus on the possible impacts of changes in the number of hubs on the environmental performance of aviation. A smaller number of hubs obviously(More)
This paper positions time in the centre of spatial economic analysis, with a particular view on transport behaviour. The conventional assumption is that there is for most people in our society a constant travel time budget, so that higher speeds tend to lead to longer travel distance. This development is at odds with the notion of sustainable transport,(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), disability and autoinflammatory processes may result in an increased risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the risk of VTE associated with MS. METHODS We conducted an observational-cohort study within the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (1987-2009) linked to the National(More)
The use of fossil energy is one of the major environmental problems associated with tourism and travel. Consequently, the need to limit fossil energy use has been highlighted as a precondition for achieving sustainable tourism development. However, tourism is also one of the most important sectors of the world economy, and fears have thus been expressed by(More)