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This article describes recent research on the prevalence of alcohol, drug, and mental (ADM) disorders and the characteristics of homeless substance abusers and persons with mental illness. Methodological problems in homelessness research are reviewed, particularly in relation to definitions of homelessness and sampling- and case-ascertainment methods.(More)
We present a natural element method to treat higher-order spatial derivatives in the Cahn–Hilliard equation. The Cahn–Hilliard equation is a fourth-order nonlinear partial differential equation that allows to model phase separation in binary mixtures. Standard classical C 0-continuous finite element solutions are not suitable because primal varia-tional(More)
To illuminate the role of criminal activity among the homeless, particularly the homeless mentally ill, the author compared 634 arrests of homeless persons with 50,524 arrests in the general population that were made in Baltimore in 1983. Significant differences were found in the demographic characteristics of the two groups of arrested persons and in the(More)
Chronic psychiatric patients often fail to receive adequate general medical care. In a study of 42 outpatients in a psychosocial rehabilitation program, 93 percent were found to have at least one problem warranting assessment, treatment, or follow-up. Minor gynecologic disease was the most common problem among women and gross dental disease among men. Only(More)
Reaction of dichloridotetra-kis(dimethyl sulfoxide)ruthenium(II) and N-[3,5-di-tert-butyl-2-(trimethyl-silyl-oxy)benz-yl]-N,N-bis-(2-pyridylmeth-yl)amine (BPPA-TMS) affords the thermodynamic product cis,fac-[RuCl(2)(BPPA-TMS)(DMSO)] and kinetic product trans,mer-[RuCl(2)(BPPA-TMS)(DMSO)]. The title complex,(More)
Maryland's Emergency Petition statute allows a violent or suicidal person with a mental disorder to be brought to an emergency facility for rapid evaluation regarding the need for emergency treatment. Although many states have similar laws, little has been written in the psychiatric literature about the emergency petition process. The investigators(More)
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