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Gating properties and surface trafficking of AMPA receptors (AMPARs) are modulated by auxiliary subunits. Here we studied the function of coexpressed auxiliary subunits belonging to two different classes. We focused on TARP γ-8 and CKAMP44 in dentate gyrus (DG) granule cells, since both subunits are highly expressed in this cell type. TARP γ-8 and CKAMP44(More)
Non-viral vectors are promising vehicles for gene therapy but delivery of plasmid DNA to post-mitotic cells is challenging as nuclear entry is particularly inefficient. We have developed and evaluated a hybrid mRNA/DNA system designed to bypass the nuclear barrier to transfection and facilitate cytoplasmic gene expression. This system, based on co-delivery(More)
AMPA receptor (AMPAR) function is modulated by auxiliary subunits. Here, we report on three AMPAR interacting proteins-namely CKAMP39, CKAMP52 and CKAMP59-that, together with the previously characterized CKAMP44, constitute a novel family of auxiliary subunits distinct from other families of AMPAR interacting proteins. The new members of the CKAMP family(More)
Exciting developments have recently emerged in the field of RNA therapeutics, with potential applications in the treatment of human diseases. The second International Conference on RNA in drug development was held to highlight several novel RNA-based technologies, including different approaches to silence gene expression, the broad range of diagnostic and(More)
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