Paul J Cruickshank

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In an experiment investigating patient mood in an out-patient setting, a Mood Adjective Checklist (Mackay et al., 1978) was administered to 189 patients before and after their consultations, obtaining 366 completed questionnaires. Both the stress and arousal scales in the Mackay et al. checklist contain unequal numbers of positive and negative items, and(More)
Hyperoxia leads to oxidative modification and damage of macromolecules in the respiratory tract with loss of biological functions. Given the lack of antioxidant gene induction with acute exposure to 100% oxygen, we hypothesized that clearance pathways for oxidatively modified proteins may be induced and serve in the immediate cellular response to preserve(More)
Data are presented from two surveys where a 26-item questionnaire was used to measure patients' attitudes to diagnostic computers and to medical computers in general. The first group of respondents were 229 patients who had been given outpatient appointments at a hospital general medical clinic specializing in gastrointestinal problems, where some had(More)
The regulation of nitric oxide synthase 2 (NOS2) in airway epithelial cells plays a key role in the innate host response to a wide variety of microbial agents and also participates in the generation of pathologic airway inflammation. Among the important signalling cascades that direct NOS2 gene expression are nuclear factor kappaB (NFkappaB) and(More)
In order to shed some light on the impact of a computer on medical consultations, 140 new hospital out-patients rated the doctor they had just seen, and their ideal doctor using a 38-item semantic differential-type scale. Sixty-four of the patients had experienced a computer being used by one of the three doctors participating in the study. Each patient's(More)
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