Paul J. Brewer

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The Swedish parliament1 has ordered its central rail administration, Banverket, to make the transition from a centrally allocated system to a market based system for the allocation of its railroads by 1995. In this partial privatization, Banverket will retain ownership and maintenance responsibility for the tracks, and will sell access to the tracks to(More)
Several `smart market' mechanisms have recently appeared in the literature. These mechanisms combine a computer network that collects bids from agents with a central computer that selects a schedule of bids to ®ll based upon maximization of revenue or trading surplus. Potential problems exist when this optimization involves combinatorial diculty sucient(More)
An experiment designed to assess the effects of advance production decisions on posted-offer market performance is reported. Six of the twelve triopolies were conducted under standard posted-offer rules. In the remaining markets sellers made binding production commitments prior to posting prices, an alteration that shifts the unique stage-game Nash(More)
Alternating layers of two different organic materials, Irganox1010 and Irganox3114, have been created using vapor deposition. The layers of Irganox3114 were very thin ( approximately 2.5 nm) in comparison to the layers of Irganox1010 ( approximately 55 or approximately 90 nm) to create an organic equivalent of the inorganic 'delta-layers' commonly employed(More)
Back haul problems occur in many areas of transportation. One-way rental often takes equipment, such as cases and containers, from an area of high demand to an area of low demand. The problem is to return the equipment to the location of need, a problem typically viewed as an admimstrative and scheduling problem. We developed a decentrali7cd approach in(More)
We report the development of a microfabricated gas chromatography system suitable for the separation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and compatible with use as a portable measurement device. Hydrofluoric acid etching of 95x95mm Schott B270 wafers has been used to give symmetrical hemi-spherical channels within a glass substrate. Two matching glass(More)
The response time of thermal electrolytic Ag/AgCl reference electrodes is defined by the porous structure that limits the rate at which traces of any previous solution are diluted by any new solution environment. The electrode stabilisation time when transferred from one electrolyte to another has been shown to change when different structural designs to(More)
An assessment of the sensitivities of the critical parameters in the ASTM D6423 documentary standard method for the measurement of pHe in (bio)ethanol has been undertaken. Repeatability of measurements made using the same glass electrode and reproducibility between different glass electrodes have been identified as the main contributors to the uncertainty(More)
We have studied the long and short term stability of electrolytic Ag/AgCl electrodes fabricated from Ag wire that has been subjected to a range of different annealing conditions. At elevated temperatures, the presence of oxygen during the annealing process has been shown to be detrimental to the performance of electrodes produced. This phenomenon has been(More)