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A new CMOS microprocessor, the Alpha 21164, reaches 1,200 mips/600 MFLOPS (peak performance). This new implementation of the Alpha architecture achieves SPECint92/SPECfp92 performance of 345/505 (estimated). At these performance levels, the Alpha 21164 has delivered the highest performance of any commercially available microprocessor in the world as of(More)
The 21164 is a new quad-issue, superscalar Alpha microprocessor that executes 1.2 billion instructions per second. Available this January, the 3OO-MHz,0.5-pm CMOS chip delivers an estimated 345/505 SPECint92/SPECfp92 performance. The design's high clock rate, low operational latency, and high-throughput/nonblocking memory systems contribute to this(More)
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