Paul Hyland

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The incidence of aneuploidy in gametes of men undergoing ICSI has raised the prospect of there being risks associated with ICSI and the question of whether or not to screen men for sperm aneuploidy before treatment. We report results of a questionnaire undertaken to address how IVF staff perceive this problem, whether ICSI men are already being screened for(More)
As organisations increasingly strive to maximise the utility of their human capital, many encourage lifelong learning and some have adopted formal knowledge management strategies. There is an ever-growing body of research relating to organisational learning and knowledge management (Easterby-Smith, Burgoyne, & Araujo, 1999; Markoczy, 1994; Nonaka, 1994;(More)
ACADEMIC TRACK The quality of individual and collective learning has been held to be a key determinant of organisational success (Hayes and Allinson, 1998), and perhaps even a prerequisite for business excellence (Eskildsen, Dahlgaard and Norgaard, 1999; Evans and Lindsay, 1999). Lank and Lank (1995) strongly advocated the ‘continuously learning(More)
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