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Polyethylene bags as a container material are flexible and elastic enough to follow the shrinkage of monomers during the polymerization process, since the main cause of bubble building in the polymerization material is the shrinkage of the monomer methacrylic acid methylester. The polymerization time in polyethylene containers is shorter (3-5 days) than in(More)
In an experimental study on rats and sheep we demonstrated by means of light reflexion rheography and laser doppler fluxmetry that manual lymphatic drainage therapy causes vessel narrowing followed by increased blood flow in the arterioles, capillaries and venulae of the skin as well as in peripheral arteries and an increased lymph flow in lymphatic(More)
Biotonometry according to Rilling enables determination of HR and HC in healthy subjects. These two parameters hardly change during the day (diurnal profiles). In healthy 18 to 21 year old women and men, HR is 7 to 8 kOhm and HC 0.15 to 0.25 microfarad. In healthy subjects, HR increases and HC decreases during ML according to Dr. Vodder. In patients with(More)
Defined tissue defects were made in the tibiae of 24 sheep. In each animal three defects were set; one of these was completely filled with cancellous bone and the other one with ground compact bone, whereas the third one was not grafted and served as control. During the first 3 weeks no significant difference was seen in the formation of new bone at any of(More)
In vitro examinations on deformation and relaxation were carried out on cortical countersink of different geometry under a compression load of up to 2000 N through a screw head. Conical countersink showed plastic deformations of an average of 1300 N whereas with spherical countersink they did not occur at the same load. After reaching the load of 2000 N and(More)
Stability and plate strain of internally fixed femoral shaft fractures at different sites were tested under bending and compression loads. Stability of osteosynthesis with compression plate was not acutely affected by stresses encountered when standing on one leg. When fractures with a bone defect were treated by plate fixation stability was improved(More)
Leg screws were implanted in 30 tibia diaphysis. 112 days later in the gliding hole there was new lamellar bone round of the screw head, neck of screw and into the both first screw threads. After screw explantation we measured in 8 cases the solidity of the new bone. Under conditions of tension measurement, we use 341 N per millimeter cortical thread(More)