Paul Hodgetts

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OBJECTIVE To determine the attitudes, knowledge and practices of family medicine residents relating to the pharmaceutical industry and to assess the effectiveness of existing guidelines on appropriate interactions with the pharmaceutical industry. DESIGN Survey by mailed questionnaire. SETTING Ontario. PARTICIPANTS All 262 second-year family medicine(More)
Most significant software processes involve a wide range of disciplines, from programming to testing, and from documentation to database development. Unfortunately, agile processes are typically presented from the point of view of programmers, with the other disciplines often left feeling excluded and disenfranchised. One such discipline is that of user(More)
The goal of many current process improvement efforts is to become more agile by adopting an agile process. However, the results of several recent projects suggest that when attempting to become more agile, adopting an agile process is exactly the wrong thing to do! In this experience report, I discuss my failures with wholesale process adoption and my(More)
The Department of Family Medicine at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., recently undertook a pilot project to familiarize residents in family medicine with physician-related health policy issues. The objective of the project was to ease the residents' transition into practice and to equip them to participate effectively in future policy debates. All(More)
The prevalence of increased anterior atlanto-odontoid distance (AAOD), a risk factor for spinal cord compression, and degenerative disease of the cervical spine (DDCS) in a population of institutionalized adults with Down's syndrome (DS) was determined and compared with age- and sex-matched 'normals' presenting to a hospital emergency department.(More)
Many agile projects do not apply agile practices to their database development. Common wisdom dictates that the entire data model be carefully designed up front and protected from change thereafter. We believed the common wisdom as well. But the clash of traditional database practices and agile development practices caused us significant pain, and hamstrung(More)
  • P G Hodgetts
  • Canadian family physician Médecin de famille…
  • 1992
Falls are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in the elderly. One in three older people will fall every year. Assessing intrinsic (patient) factors and extrinsic (environmental) factors that increase the risk of falling is an important part of caring for the elderly. Physicians can readily assess balance and mobility as part of a preventive(More)
This report concerns the initiation of required experience in geriatrics for undergraduate medical students and a program of research designed to evaluate that experience. Through the use of questionnaires, an attempt was made to differentiate between attitudes toward the elderly and their rehabilitation potential as stated by medical students, family(More)