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OBJECTIVE To study long-term treatment effects of metoprolol or verapamil on combined cardiovascular end points and psychological variables in patients with stable angina pectoris. DESIGN Randomized, double-blind, double-dummy trial. PATIENTS The study included 809 patients under 70 years of age with stable angina pectoris. The mean age of the patients(More)
BACKGROUND Exercise may activate platelets and leukocytes and promote thrombosis. The effects of aspirin treatment on the prothrombotic effects of exercise have not been established. METHODS AND RESULTS A total of 15 healthy men performed exhaustive exercise without and with 1 week of pretreatment with aspirin (500 mg/day). Before and immediately after(More)
Alcohol septal ablation for hyper-trophic obstructive cardiomyopathy improves myocardial performance: a 24-month follow-up. Improvement of left ventricular diastolic function after alcohol septal ablation for obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy? Yes, of course, We would like to thank Dr Veselka for his interest in our work and appreciate the opportunity(More)
AIMS Inflammatory mechanisms have been implicated in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Cell adhesion molecules, expressed on endothelial cells and leukocytes, mediate transendothelial migration of leukocytes into the vessel wall, but also circulate in soluble forms. In the present study we related soluble cell adhesion molecules to the risk of suffering(More)
Fetal and maternal plasma levels of catecholamines were measured at birth in 40 women with normal term pregnancies who underwent elective cesarean section. Twenty women were operated on under general anesthesia, and 20 under epidural anesthesia. For comparison, the same measurements were also made in 10 women who underwent vaginal delivery without signs of(More)
Sympathetic nervous system activation by insulin has been suggested as a mechanism explaining the association between insulin resistance and hypertension. We further examined the effect of insulin by direct microneurographic muscle and skin nerve sympathetic activity recordings during euglycaemic insulin clamps in healthy subjects. The mean plasma insulin(More)
Epinephrine increases glycogenolysis in resting skeletal muscle, but less is known about the effects of epinephrine on exercising muscle. To study this, epinephrine was given intraarterially to one leg during two-legged cycle exercise in nine healthy males. The epinephrine-stimulated (EPI) and non-stimulated (C) legs were compared with regard to glycogen,(More)
The effects of mental and physical stress on platelet function in patients with stable angina pectoris and healthy controls were investigated. Platelet function was studied at rest, and during mental stress (colour word test), or after exercise (bicycle ergometry), in 113 angina patients (21 on aspirin) and 50 matched controls. Platelet function was(More)