Paul Hillard

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The objective of this experiment was to quantitate ruminal digestion and flow of nutrients to the small intestine of Holstein cows grazing grass pasture or fed grass hay or silage. Three dry, nonpregnant Holstein cows fitted with ruminal and duodenal (Y-type) cannulas grazed or were given free choice access to hay or silage during three consecutive 19-d(More)
The Ilizarov frame uses tensioned fine wires to support bone fragments. The objective of this study was to determine whether these wires deformed plastically under functional load bearing and to determine the significance of such deformation on the long-term performance of frames used for treating lower limb conditions. The mechanical characteristics of the(More)
Plantar pressure measurements have many potential clinical applications in the field of orthopaedics. However, the only current routine clinical application of pedobarography is for the identification of high pressure zones in diabetic patients with neuropathy who are at risk from foot ulceration. For pedobarography to become a routine clinical tool in(More)
Documented disseminated infection with herpes simplex virus has been reported only five times in pregnancy. All cases have been severe and demonstrated common clinical features, including hepatitis and adenopathy. These reports are reviewed and two new cases added. Dissemination is undoubtedly more common, and commonly less dramatic in presentation then(More)
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