Paul Henning

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In this paper, we describe our approach to utilizing the compute power of the Cell Broadband Engine&#8482; (Cell/B.E.)<sup>1</sup> processor as an accelerator for computationally intensive portions of high performance computing applications. We call this approach "hybrid programming" because it distributes application execution across heterogeneous(More)
91 A t I s s u e and Los Alamos National Laboratory, where it's now located. Aside from its performance, Roadrunner has two distinguishing characteristics: a very good power/ performance ratio and a " hybrid " computer architecture that mixes several types of processors. By November 2008, the traditionally architected Jaguar computer at Oak Ridge National(More)
Refusal of a parent to have a child vaccinated against tetanus raised ethical issues for the treating clinicians. The clinicians felt their duty to the child was compromised, but recognised that our society leaves the authority for such decisions with the parents. As there was no reason, other than different beliefs about vaccination, to doubt the parent's(More)
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