Paul H. Schwager

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Wireless network technologies present unique opportunities and challenges for businesses, and Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are no exception. Recently Vankatesh et al. (2003) proposed a more complete model for the understanding of the acceptance and adoption of Information Technology. Their model builds upon and extends beyond the well established(More)
Purpose – This paper aims to improve understanding of individuals' awareness and perceptions of computer usage policies (CUPs) and why individuals elect not to read these policies. Design/methodology/approach – MBA students were asked to complete an online survey evaluating their behavioral intention to read CUPs, as well as their performance of this(More)
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) play a significant part in economies throughout the world. In the early developmental stages of e-commerce/e-business many believed that it would enable these SMEs to compete head-to-head with large companies. While much has been done to examine the adoption of e-commerce/e-business, few have addressed the benefit(More)
This study examined the importance of IT Certification from the HR Professional's perspective, specifically the value of certification in relation to education and experience in a hiring decision. We found that an increase in formal education was subsidized by a decreasing emphasis on experience until a balance was reached. The relative weight of(More)
A framework is developed for viewing the centralization issues of organizations to consider to what degree a virtual organization may help a firm obtain competitive advantage. Utilizing the concepts of flexibility and synergy, the framework can serve as a guide for practitioners to help determine what degree of synergy and flexibility a given organizational(More)
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