Paul H. Radtke

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Recent advances in networking environments and telecommunications have led to the proliferation of teams that do not work face-to-face but interact over a computermediated communications network. Although some have asserted that virtual teams transcend boundaries of time or distance, others have claimed that working remotely in a mediated team environment(More)
In a complex project environment, project teams face multi-dimensional communication problems that can ultimately lead to project breakdown. Team Performance varies in Face-toFace (FTF) environment versus groups working remotely in a computer mediated communication (CMC) environment. A brief review of the Input_Process_Output model suggested by James E.(More)
Hand gestures are ubiquitous in communication. However, there is considerable debate regarding the fundamental role that gesture plays in communication and, subsequently, regarding the value of gesture for telecommunications. Controversy exists regarding whether gesture has a primarily communicative function (enhancing listener comprehension) or a primarily(More)
Improving simulation-based training is the focus of a Navy program of research titled Debriefing Distributed Scenario-Based Exercises (DDSBE). DDSBE is intended to optimize training effectiveness by demonstrating improved methods and technologies for assessing team and multi-team performance, diagnosis routines, and debriefing templates. A main objective of(More)
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