Paul H. Lord

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THERE are three aspects to the problem of pilonidal sinus: the aetiology, the natural history, and the treatment. This paper is concerned with the last of these, and with the details of our experience with the management of 33 patients using a new method of treatment. Five of these patients were admitted to hospital; 3 for four days and 2 for one day. The(More)
A total of 59 patients with bladder outflow obstruction underwent the Madigan prostatectomy. The method, results and complications are described. For select patients with large benign adenomas without a median lobe or hematuria we believe the technique to be the operation of choice, particularly in younger patients. Advantages include absence of(More)
When patients are admitted with clinically diagnosed acute cholecystitis, no cause will be found for their pain in 9-13% (4.5). Our retrospective study shows that women between 15-35 years are most likely to be in this group. Our prospective study of all patients in the 15-35 year age group admitted with clinical 'acute cholecystitis', showed that in 6 out(More)