Paul H Johnson

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  • Michael Bedford Taylor, Jason Kim, Jason Miller, David Wentzlaff, Fae Ghodrat, Ben Greenwald +8 others
  • 2002
The drive for performance in the face of increasing wire delay blurs the line between microprocessors and multiprocessors. Microprocessor designs such as the Alpha 21464 have multi-cycle " network " latencies between ALUs [1], and come close to having multiple, parallel fetch units, much as a multiprocessor. A recent paper [2] identifies the existence of a(More)
  • Deborah A Zajchowski, Marty F Bartholdi, Yan Gong, Lynn Webster, Hsiao-Lai Liu, Alexander Munishkin +6 others
  • 2001
With the goal of identifying genes that have an expression pattern that can facilitate the diagnosis of primary breast cancers (BCs) as well as the discovery of novel drug leads for BC treatment, we used cDNA hybrid-ization arrays to analyze the gene expression profiles (GEPs) of nine weakly invasive and four highly invasive BC cell lines. Differences in(More)
Systems that store a large number of persistent objects over many sites in a network pose new challenges to storage management. This thesis presents a comprehensive design for collecting garbage objects in such systems. The design achieves scalability by partitioning the system at two levels: Each site traces its objects independently of other sites, and(More)
This short review outlines the rationale, challenges, and opportunities for intranasal acetylcholinesterases, in particular galantamine. An in vitro screening model facilitated the development of a therapeutically viable formulation. In vivo testing confirmed achievement of therapeutically relevant drug levels that matched or exceeded those for oral dosing,(More)
In modeling the rate of return associated with financial instruments, common probability distributions include the lognormal, gamma, and Weibull distributions. Furthermore, the method of maximum likelihood is widely used to estimate the unknown parameters of distributions due to the highly desirable properties of maximum likelihood estimators (MLEs). These(More)
Software simulation has often been used to evaluate proposed protocols for wireless devices. Simulation allows for rapid development and testing, but does not provide a realistic RF environment. To compensate for this, field experiments are performed. However, problems encountered during field experiments can be difficult to locate and correcting problems(More)
122 million transistors; executes 16 different load, store, integer, or floating-point instructions every cycle; controls 25 Gbytes/s of input/output (I/O) bandwidth; and has 2 Mbytes of on-chip distributed L1 static RAM providing on-chip memory bandwidth of 57 Gbytes/s. Is this the latest billion-dollar, 3,000 man-year processor effort? In fact, it took(More)
For many systems such as operating systems and databases it is important to run client code in a separate protection domain so that it cannot interfere with the correct operation of the system. Clients communicate with the server by making cross domain calls, but these are expensive, often costing substantially more than running the call itself. This thesis(More)
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