Paul H. Hoekstra

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As part of an ongoing revision of the genus Monanthotaxis Baill. (Annonaceae), nine new species are described and one variety is reinstated to species rank. Two new species from West Africa (Monanthotaxis aquila P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov. and Monanthotaxis atewensis P.H.Hoekstra, sp. nov.), four new species from Central Africa (Monanthotaxis couvreurii(More)
Determining which factors affect species richness is important for conservation theory and practice. However, richness of common and rare species may be affected by different factors. We use an extensive inventory of woody plants from a tropical dry forest landscape in Yucatan, Mexico to assess the unique effects of environmental variables, spatial(More)
The molecular clock hypothesis is an important concept in biology. Deviations from a constant rate of nucleotide substitution have been found widely among lineages, genomes, genes and individual sites. Phylogenetic research can accommodate for these differences in applying specific models of evolution. Lineage-specific rate heterogeneity however can(More)
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