Paul H Atkinson

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Oligosaccharides on invertase restricted to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in alg3,sec18 yeast at 37 degrees C were found to be 20% wild type Man8GlcNAc and 80% Man1 alpha-->2Man1 alpha-->2Man1 alpha-->3(Man1 alpha-->6)Man1 beta-->4GlcNAc2 (Verostek, M.F., Atkinson, P.H., and Trimble, R. B. (1991) J. Biol. Chem. 266, 5547-5551). These results suggested that(More)
Saccharomyces SUC2 invertase, secreted by the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris and purified to homogeneity from the growth medium by DE-52 chromatography, appeared on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis as a diffuse ladder of species at 85-90 kDa, while the secreted Saccharomyces form migrated as a broad band from 100 to 150 kDa.(More)
Alg3 yeast mutants synthesize endoglycosidase H-resistant oligosaccharides whose precursor for elongation is Man1 alpha-->2Man1 alpha-->2Man1 alpha-->3(Man1 alpha-->6)Man1 beta-->4GlcNAc2 (Verostek, M.F., Atkinson, P.H., and Trimble, R. B. (1991) J. Biol. Chem. 266, 5547-5551). To characterize alg3 glycan elongation in vivo, oligosaccharides on alg3,sec18(More)
National accounts data provide the most comprehensive overview available of developments in national economies. They are of great interest to a wide range of users of economic information. These users, which include governments formulating budgetary policies, central banks making monetary policy decisions, businesses considering investment decisions and(More)
Three cases of jaundice after ingestion of 3,4-methylenedioxymetamphetamine (MDMA), known as 'ecstasy', are reported and the complications associated with the misuse of this drug, which was initially misrepresented as 'safer than alcohol' are described. Ingestion of 'ecstasy' should be considered when investigating unexplained jaundice in younger patients.
The rotavirus non-structural glycoprotein (NS28), the receptor for the virus core during budding into the lumen of the rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER), is 175 amino acids long and possesses an uncleaved signal sequence and two amino-terminal glycosylation sites. Utilizing one of three potential hydrophobic domains, the protein spans the membrane only(More)
Ribophorins are two transmembrane glycoproteins characteristic of the rough endoplasmic reticulum, which are thought to be involved in the binding of ribosomes. Their biosynthesis was studied in vivo using lines of cultured rat hepatocytes (clone 9) and pituitary cells (GH 3.1) and in cell-free synthesis experiments. In vitro translation of mRNA extracted(More)
Asparagine-linked oligosaccharides are synthesized by transfer of Glc3Man9GlcNAc2 from dolichol pyrophosphate to nascent polypeptides. Assembly of the precursor proceeds by highly ordered sequential addition of mannose and glucose to form Glc3Man9GlcNAc2-P-P-dolichol. Yeast mutants in asparagine-linked glycosylation (alg), generated by an 3H-Man suicide(More)
Entangled photon pairs are an important resource in quantum optics, and are essential for quantum information applications such as quantum key distribution and controlled quantum logic operations. The radiative decay of biexcitons-that is, states consisting of two bound electron-hole pairs-in a quantum dot has been proposed as a source of triggered(More)