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INTRODUCTION Illicit drug use is a significant problem within Australia. However, GPs are reluctant to treat these problems due to a perceived lack of knowledge and confidence. METHOD All advanced general practice registrars training through the Victorian Metropolitan Alliance in 2004 attended a 1 day pilot addiction medicine workshop, followed by(More)
BACKGROUND To increase access to hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) enabled general practitioners (GPs) to prescribe direct-acting antiviral (DAA) therapy. We conducted a survey to identify GPs' knowledge and management of HCV. METHODS A questionnaire consisting of 20 items about HCV knowledge and management was(More)
Geographic information systems (GIS) are powerful tools for managing, analysing and mapping geographical and associated data. In the health care setting, GIS can be used to map and graph health care provider and social and environmental data. This article uses two hypothetical cases to explore applications of GIS in general practice.
BACKGROUND Hair and nails are elements of dermatology that can often be omitted from the dermatological assessment. However, there are common and distressing hair and nail conditions that require diagnosis and management. OBJECTIVE This article considers common and important hair and nail presentations to general practice. General and specific conditions(More)
BACKGROUND The 'inherited' patient, where a patient switches to a new doctor, is a common and potentially challenging scenario, especially where drugs of dependence are involved. There are few resources to guide general practitioners (GPs) with an approach that ensures compassion and rational clinical decision-making. OBJECTIVE The aim of this article is(More)
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