Paul Grimm

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This paper deals with the question how the component idea can be transferred to the authoring of 3D content for the WWW. The concept of 3D Beans and their according authoring environment is presented. In addition, an implementation of this concept using Java3D and Java Beans is described. Advantages of the concept are discussed and illustrated with an(More)
Starting with the Daubert case, courtroom rules and guides regulating the admissibility of scientific evidence have undergone major revisions over the past 10 to 15 years. We review these changes and current legal rules and guides, in particular their impact on the admission of behavioral sciences evidence and testimony. We examine commonly intended(More)
A vital requirement for a successful software framework for digital storytelling is that it takes the abilities and background of the story authors into account. Dedicated tools should support authors in expressing their stories within this framework at an adequate level and point out an according authoring process for digital stories. The software(More)
Multimodal interaction provides the user with multiple modes of interacting with a system, such as gestures, speech, text, video, audio, etc. A multimodal system allows for several distinct means for input and output of data. In this paper, we present our work in the context of the I-SEARCH project, which aims at enabling context-aware querying of a(More)
A system for communication and decision training in emergency situations is presented that uses autonomous agents for simulating and explaining human behavior. Trainees and agents act together in a shared virtual environment that is distributed via computer network. It is shown how an agent can autonomously control its visual appearance in 2D graphical user(More)
At present time neural networks based on Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH-NN), nodes of which are two-input N-Adalines, is well-known. Each of N-Adalines contains the set of adjustable synaptic weights that are estimated using standard least squares method and provides quadratic approximation of restoring nonlinear mapping. On the other hand, for needed(More)